Vote For Me

So I entered a photo contest. :)

There's a People's Choice Award that would be super cool to win. :)

You can vote for my photographs here.

There's no registering, no email address needed. Just click the link, click vote and click the "LIKE" button.

(note: Sometimes the "LIKE" button disappears, I've emailed them and if it happens to you it would mean the world if you kept trying :)

Facebook Page

I made a Facebook page for my photos. The Flickr account comes when I remember my password. Stupid Yahoo.

Ruins of Detroit

Anyone that knows me, knows this is right up my alley. These are gorgeous. And it reminds me that I have photos to put up.

Originally on FFFFound, via io9. Visit the website for more.

In Time For Halloween

I'm making a Flickr page. And I've got the coolest photos of some fog. Seriously, they're awesome.

Here's a preview:

My Ruler Says 6"

Love the snow. :) We'll see how everything looks in the morning. More pictures then. :)

It's Already Fall 2009...

Yes. I know I needs to get to updating. It's on the to-do list! And yes, I really have one! :p

I'm trying to organize a trip to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum... sounds fun, doesn't it?! :D

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